Known Historical Events

58 years ago: a terrible cataclysm destroyed a planet inhabitet by humans, dwarves, elves, halflings and other sentient humanoid beings. This would seal their fates forever if it weren’t for the divine, celestial creatures called The Aeonar, who transported the races to a new world, in an area now known as the Land of the Five. The races were left to make their lives in this new, rather hospitable and untarnished natural environment.

56 years ago: Lord Blackwood, a nobleman from the previous world managed through skill and guile, as well as few bribes to assume himself as the leader of the races on this new land, he quickly forged alliances with representatives of other racial groups, notably the eladrin, elves and dwarves, who agreed to help him start up an entirely new civilization. Through focus, and a lot of work, a sprawling city was born.

50 years ago: The capital of Blandford was founded and many soon came to live under the protection of Lord Blackwood. Giant walls were erected, religion based on worshiping The Aeonar was founded as well as the Brotherhood of the Astral Rose, an elite organization of law enforcers, judges and soldiers that are bound by oath to Lord Blackwood himself.

40 years ago: The city expanded exponentially, and so did Blackwood’s power. Now a leader of scores of faithful warriors, wealthier than the kings of the previous world all combined, he strives in his everburning desire for progress. As Blackwood grew more arrogant, more and more citizens started leaving Blandford, rejoining their kin that long ago decided to live in small villages, tribes and clans, seeing as Blackwood meant nothing more than further destruction of yet another world. Around this time bands of hobgoblins start raiding the villages and the town.

20 years ago: Blackwood’s grand-daughter is born, and a mysterious figure cloked in red and yellow flamboyant robes starts visiting Blackwood’s manor more and more often, but after a while he abruptly dissapears, never to be seen again. (DC 15 History)

10 years ago: Hobgoblin raids grind to a halt, almost disappearing entirely. Popular notion is that Blackwoods Brotherhood of the Astral Rose was responsible for their dissapearance.

Known Historical Events

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