Dragon Aspects

The Dragon Aspects are the guardians of the planet, and control the forces of nature. They are neither benevolent or malevolent, and they often have plans reaching thousands of years in the future. They are the epitome of lore, wisdom and intellect, also they are the oldest creatures in the universe. (DC 15 Arcana or Religion to Primal classes)

Green Dragon Nebulos, female green dragon is the maintainer of plants and wildlife, her habitat is the forest, and she reigns over the seasons of Spring and Summer. She is in a relationship with the Blue Dragon. She takes the form of an Elf Druid

Blue Dragon Arkanar, male blue dragon is the source of all water, he controls the rain, rivers and ponds, his habitat is the lake spring, and he reigns over the season of Spring, he is the weakest of all Dragons, as he was born the last. He takes the form of a Human Wizard

Red Dragon Zafyr, male red dragon is the controller of fire, the sun and light, his habitat is the volcano, and he reigns over the season of Summer, he is the leader and the eldest of all Dragons. He takes the form of an Eladrin Rogue.

White Dragon Durokan, male white dragon is the lord of winter, ice and the sky, his habitat is the snowy mountain peak, and he reigns over the season of Winter. He takes the form of a Human Barbarian.

Black Dragon Maar, an androgynous black dragon is the bringer of decay, disease and death, his habitat is the swamp, and he reigns over the season of Autumn. He is the strongest of all dragons, and serves as an equalizer of the primal forces. He takes the form of a pale humanoid with white hair and pitch black eyes.

Dragon Aspects

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